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The best line ever spoken

Joyce Manor <3


your local punk scene is 90% a white boys club. if a female gets harassed at your house show and you push it to the side and take no action, you aren’t doing shit for your cause. you’re not being inclusive. you’re partaking in your shitty white boy privilege and turning your head so you don’t have…


Esta maravilha ♥♡♥ #therenegadesofpunk #tropicalpunk #vinyl #vinil #coletivovitrolarosa (em Ateliê Chorume)

american football tattoo by Harriet Heath.

"Julia…Julia, my love. I understand how. I don’t understand why."
Gattopardo (brazilian post-punk)FFO: Joy Division, Bauhaus, As Mercenáriashttp://gattopardo.bandcamp.com/

Interview / Fred Zgur Of Bichano Records


Interview / Fred Zgur Of Bichano Records



Do you like cats? No! Then why the hell are you reading this interview then? Bichano Records have a cat in their logo for God’s sake! Sorry, I forgot, they also release cute and sincere music as well. I bet that’s why you’re here? Makes more sense. I’ll move on.

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Hey, this is me and my label ^-^