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The Nation Of Ulysses
Nation Of Ulysses

LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Moss Icon, ‘Complete Discography’

Admiral - Self Titled 7”
It’s a crime how some bands get completely overlooked. Admiral was a band out of Pennsylvania that played Revolution Summer styled emotional hardcore. Members of this band went on to form Hoover and Navio Forge (more on them in a bit).
They released two seven inches; a Revolving and Loading on Ebullition, and this one on Soul Force. There were two appearances on two separate compilations, Beneath the Wheel and Open Zine IV Comp. I haven’t been able to find studio versions of those songs but I have heard them performed live from a show recording at Sacred Heart Church.
What makes this stand apart from most other Emo bands at the time is the vocalist Sean Linwood. He later became the lead singer of Navio Forge, and I consider him probably one of the greatest vocalists to ever come out of this scene. The amount of emotion that he pours into every single song is shocking. He sounds like he is trying to rip his own heart out on stage. I’ve never heard a singer come anywhere near his abilities.
This band is criminally overlooked in the history of Emo.